Newborns-What to Expect


Thanks so much for reserving your session! I am thrilled to meet you and your newest addition!


Below are instructions to help your newborn session go smoothly!


• Turn the temperature up a lot! It may be pretty warm for us, but babies will sleep SO much better with all the posing when they are warm. I will have my space heater, but 74 degrees is probably just fine for Summer, and 76-78 in the winter. During the summer, I hate to have you turn it up too much, so do what's comfortable to you and we will use the space heater for baby. If it gets too uncomfortable for us, we will just use the space heater. We can even do some outdoor photos if you're comfortable with that as well (if it's warm outside). 


• Open all the blinds. I like to use natural light when possible, so this will let me see where all the light is coming from. I will scope out your home for areas with the best light and the most picture friendly colors/decor. I will find the rooms with the best light and decor. No need to clean, but just try to hide away any distracting items for the session. One thing I will ask you to do is to have your bed made with a neutral quilt/comforter on top if possible.

• I usually try to start around 10am the day of so we have plenty of daylight variety from different rooms. Please have baby in just a diaper, and swaddled in a blanket or something similar to keep red lines at a minimum. Try applying lotion to any dry spots the day before the session.


• Feed baby a couple hours before I arrive, and then just after I get there. I usually try to start around 10am the day of so we have plenty of daylight variety from different rooms. I will load everything in, show you all my props, take a little walkthrough of your home and what props you want to use, and then be ready with a pose close to when baby is asleep. If we are taking family and sibling photos, we can do those first, that way you can be finished. Please have baby in just a diaper, and swaddled in a loose blanket or something similar to keep red lines at a minimum. Feed baby until they will no longer eat. Burp as normal, and then hopefully soon they will be asleep. We may do some naked photos. It's completely normal to have accidents. I wash all my props, so don't worry if this happens. Babies usually want to feed much more than normal during the sessions, and it ends up really helping them to sleep better with all the posing.


• If you and your spouse and any other children or pets want to be in any photos, that’s great. I recommend wearing muted tones, like grays, off white, navy, light blue, cream, etc. Black is fine too, but I think those other colors are softer, and allow baby to stand out even more. However, I want you to be comfortable, so wear what you feel best in. I prefer a more casual look overall, but not too casual (generally no polos or camping/fishing shirts for then men, and no t-shirts for ladies). Maxi dresses, and long sleeved items usually photograph well for mom. If you want to wait until I get there to have me help with what will photograph best, that's completely great. 


• I offer gentle guidance for posing to get the ball rolling and help clients settle in.
I will make use of your home, your décor, your furniture, etc… I may need to move some things around or take a frame off the wall, and will move everything back.

• Feel free to have some music/white noise playing if you'd like, and if they're used to noises.


• Have extra blankets and pillows, a boppy, as well as any props you'd like to use. Baskets, wooden crates, soft, textured materials/blankets, wraps (scarves can work really well), hats, toys, etc-anything to make them unique to you. I have lots of cute newborn headbands for the girls as well as some bonnets. Feel free to incorporate any special family quilts, heirlooms or baby blankets that you would like to use in the photos.


• Be patient. :) Newborn sessions can average about 4 hours depending on how well they are sleeping. Don't worry if they get fussy or don't want to sleep. This is normal, and I will work to get them back to sleep. We can take breaks and I will work to get baby comfortable, or we will work with what they are giving us. A few awake photos can be great. I may even have mom step out of the room since her scent may be distracting for baby. I never try to rush a baby to sleep, and I have tons of patience, and will do my best to get them in the poses we want.


• I always work off the feel of the baby and make sure they are safe in each position. If they aren't liking a pose, or if I'm not comfortable with it, I will never force it. And one pose I don't do is the chin resting on the hands. It's not a natural pose, and requires another person to help and some extra editing in photoshop. I just try to stick with poses that are more natural to baby. Here's an example of that pose-



• Relax a little. This is a good time for you to take a break. Make sure you are able to rest, snack, and hydrate as well. We need you feeling good for the extra feedings you'll be giving baby. :) If the baby gets fussy or alert, don’t worry. A baby can sense your anxiety and we want to keep the environment as calm as possible.

  • I always aim to deliver your final images as soon as possible, you will receive them no later than three weeks after your session.


• Click here to view many of my current props.


Please let me know your preferred color palette, if you have specific props you'd like to use, and if you have wood flooring and window lighting in your home.

*All wraps and blankets are washed with 100% dye and perfume free detergent.


Can't wait to meet you and your newborn!